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9. List below the name of each allied foreign organization and show by indentation primary and secondary relationships. Except in the case of branches, and other non-corporate organizations, show the place of incorporation and the percentage of voting securities held by the parent organization. If the interorganization relationships cannot adequately be shown by indentation, a chart or supplementary statement showing the information called for herein should be attached. (See instructions, Section II, E6 and E7.)


Place of incorporation

Percentage of voting securities owned by the reporting or the intermediate foreign organization

Indicate whether primary or secondary foreign organization 

Serial number of attached B forms

Note: A form "B" Allied Foreign Organization Report Form," must be attached for each allied foreign organization. Report forms B must be numbered serially by the reporter to agree with the numbers listed above for each foreign organization.

Certification - The undersigned company, and the official executing this certification on its behalf, hereby certify that the information contained in this report (including forms B and C and any statements attached hereto) is correct and complete to the best of their knowledge and belief.

_____________Name of company
BY______________Signature of authorized official

___________Date   _____________Title

The U.S. Code, Title 18 (Crimes and Criminal Procedure), Section 1001, formerly Section 80, makes it a criminal offense to make a willfully false statement or representation to any department or agency of the United States as to any matter within its jurisdiction. Persons who have access to individual company information are subject to penalties for unauthorized disclosure.

COMM-DC 39258
G P O 83-11941

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