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[[ pre-printed except where text is inserted]]
Fwd. Form. (1917.) No. of Message I9.
Office Stamp. 6/4/27
No. ______ No. of Words II.
Date 5th.  Code Time 2I07 
Charge | *pounds* | s | d |
Clerk's Stamp. W.B.D
No. and Circuit.
Sent at: Recd. at I030. 
Service Instructions. South Georgia Radio. 
Receiver's Name Schmitt
Address: Portstanley.

If proceeding Punta Arenas inform me when urgent 

[[conditions disclaimer in smaller text]]
The Company may decline to forward any Telegram although it has been received for transmission, but in that case the Company shall, on request, refund to the Sender the amount
paid for the transmission and delivery of such Telegram.

If any Telegrgam shall fail to reach its destination by reason of any neglect or default of the Company or its Servants, which shall have happened whilst the Telegram remained under
the control of the Company, and such failure shall not have been caused by "force majeure," or by other circumstances which he Company could not reasonably have controlled, then the Company
will refund to the Sender of such Telegram the amount paid for its transmission and delivery, less all moneys paid or payable by the Company in respect of such transmission or delivery to any
other administration or authority (whether telegraphic or otherwise, and whether working in connection with the Company or not), which shall not be exclusively controlled by the Company.

The Company shall not be liable to refund any part of the amount paid for the transmission or delivery of a Telegram in any case in which the non-transmission or non-delivery thereof
has been caused by "force majeure," or by other circumstances which the Company could not have controlled, whether there shall or shall not have been neglect or default on the part of the
Company or its Servants while the Telegram was under its control.

The Company shall not, nor shall any other telegraphic administration or authority, be liable in any case whatever to make any compensation or payment beyond the amount (if any)
to be refunded as above mentioned, for any loss, injury, or damage arising or resulting from the non-transmission or non-delivery of any Telegram, or for any delay, error or omission in the
transmission or delivery thereof, from whatever cause such non-transmission, non-delivery, delay, error, or omission shall have occurred.

For the purposes of these conditions the control of the Company over each Telegram shall be deemed to have entirely ceased when, in the course of the transmission of the Telegram to its
destination, it shall have been entrusted by the Company for further transmission by telegraph or by post or otherwise to any administration or authority not exclusively controlled by the company,
and in case of further transmission by any line, system, or service of telegraphs whether the same shall or shall not be worked as part of or in connection with the telegraphic system or service of the
Company, and the Company shall have full power to entrust any Telegram for further transmission to any other administration or authority subject to any conditions prescribed by them.
[[/end conditions disclaimer]]

I request that the above Telegram may be forwarded according to the above Conditions, by which I agree to abide.
Signature of Sender________ Address_________

[[text printed along the left side of the page]]
To prevent mistakes attention is called to the importance of Legible Writing.

[[text printed along the right side of the page]]
All important Messages should be Repeated.--Quarter-rates charged for Repetition.