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   Tomato Prize Contest
437  Hopkinson Ave
        Brooklyn N.Y.
          Feb. 4, 1924
      Below I am describing the
Burpee's self pruning tomatoe.
       This plump red tomatoe
of wonderous taste and beautiful
color is called the "Burpee's Self-Prun-
ing Tomatoe. It differs from other
tomatoes both in taste + color.
It is not as juicy as other tomatoes
but it contains lots of flesh. The
color of the skin is a bright pinkish
color which attracts the eyes of
people buying.
  As a whole I think this tomatoe
will cause me to recommend it
to all my friends + relatives for
which reasons I have mentioned
         Yours respectfully
          Ann Fishman
[[stamped]] FEB 7 1924 [[/stamped]]
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