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[[stamped]] FEB 11 1924 [[/stamped]]
        Burpee's self-pruning Tomatoe.
All lovers' of tomatoes find it a
difficult matter to grow enough tomatoes
on as small a patch and with as little
work as possible for the whole family. But
the Burpee Self-pruning Tomatoe will solve the problem.
    They do not take up the ground
space but grow straight up in the
air at a good picking heighth that
no one could complain about
   It is not only the way this
Tomatoes grows but the kind of a 
tomatoe this thrifly vine produces.
    Never the less you oftimes find
six or eight tomatoes clinging to 
one stem with not a single leaf.
     Last year I had one tomatoes
that weighted not quite 3 lbs I
purchased ten plants. These furnished
our family of four all during the
season for table suply as well as winter
  It is quite a curiosity to see them
grow: But to have them beare is more
  I fear that when the people get
more acquainted with them that
they will be the only kind used for
market aspecially.
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