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For Prize Contest.
(192 words)
Box 233, Greenville, S.C.
Jan.1, 1924.

Dear Friends,

I'm going to write in verse,
I'll try to be both true and terse
I am an amateur you see,
But Burpee's seeds will grow for me!
-Tho' once, some Burpee seed I bought,
And did not plant them when I ought
And so , my sweet pea crop was lost-
(I planted them for old Jack Frost!)

Another time I lost my seed,
And it was very sad indeed.
The fault I found was not with me,
Nor seeds I purchased of Burpee.
But with some swift, industrious hens
That had escaped from father's pens.

Those Burpee Seeds make lots of cheer
Around the world, from year to year.
I've seen tomatoes rare and fine,
That grew upon a Burpee vine
and Oh! such beautiful sweet peas!
Burpee is wonderful in these.