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[[mailing envelope, front]]
[[margin, reading bottom to top]] For Prize Contest [[/margin]]
[[preprinted]] after 10 days, return to [[/preprinted]]
[[preprinted underline]]Frank Wood[[/underline]] [[/preprinted]] [[right justified]] [[preprinted, red]] [[image: circular printed postage, which reads "UNITED STATES POSTAGE 2 CENTS 2, in center a silhouette of George Washington, white]] [[/preprinted]] ^[[image: postage cancellation, in circle, reading: Newberg Oregon JAN 6 5 PM black; black lines over preprinted postage]]
[[preprinted underline]] Newberg Oregon[[/underline]] [[/preprinted]]

W. Atlee Burpee Co.
Seed Growers
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[[end front side]]
[[start back side]]
[[side blank]]