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Genus: Volsella cf.

Species: recta

Higher Order Taxonomy: Animalia (Kingdom) > Mollusca (Phylum) > Bivalvia (Class) > Pteriomorphia (Subclass) > Mytilida (Order) > Mytiloidea (Superfamily) > Mytilidae (Family)

Locality Source:

Locality Number: 12496

Additional Numbers:

Additional Information: K25aW. North slope of North Dome Kettleman Hills, "Modiolus" layer, [[strikethrough]] 3525 ft. N 39 1/2 [[degree symbol]] W [[/strikethrough]] 2620 ft. S. and 2250 ft. W. from [[strikethrough]] SE [[/strikethrough]] NE cor sec. 34-21-17. W.P.W. 10/24/30 Volsella cf. recta (Conrad) Young

Transcription Notes:
Higher order taxonomy is from here Volsella recta was not listed so I just used a different species from the Volsella genus.

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