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^[[Ans 8/25/24]]
[[stamped]] AUG 14 1924 [[/stamped]]
[[underline]] For Prize Contest [[/underline]]

Montrose Ave.
Wakefield, Mass.
August 12, 1924.

W. Atlee Burpee Co.,
Philadelphia, Penn.


I want to tell you the following anecdote.

What My Garden Has Done For Me.

Mr Anyman leaned over from his Land of Failure upon the Fence of Doubt and viewed my garden with the first appearance of interest that he has shown all summer.

"That's a splendid garden you have. Just as green and fresh! And how tings have grown in spite of this dry weather!" He looked grimly at his own.
"Surely," I said. "Haven't you ever heard that 'Burpee's Seeds Grow?"

He disregarded my remark and said, "I notice how much you enjoy yourself, too. Ah! he sighed, "I wish I could do it!"

He climbed over the fence and came nearer, felt of a few of the solid red tomatoes in which I had so much pride, and asked, "How much did you pay for all the seeds of this garden?"

"Three dollars" I replied.

"Only three dollars" he exclaimed.

He cast his eye over my garden taking in the corn with its abundant ears, the pole beans with their fruit, and the heading cabbages. "What did you say the name of the company was where you got your seeds?"

"Burpee", I said.

"Next year I'll buy from them ,too ,and then we'll race on equal terms to see which one has the best garden all right?"

We shook hands. I had acquired a new friend.

Yours truly
Lores W. McCloskey

    Ans 8/25/24

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