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Item 23.
For over forty years my work has been mainly studying the animal life of the whole United States, collecting specimens and studying the habits of mammals and birds in the field, [[strikethrough]] and this [[/strikethrough]] making especial studies of certain species or groups of possible value or of injurious habits, and writing reports on groups of species or those of certain states or sections of the country.
My reports on the beavers, muskrats, pocket gophers, ground squirrels, and meadow mice are some of the results of this part of my work. I have just completed a report on the state of Oregon with a chapter on life zones and distribution areas [[strikethrough]] of the state [[/strikethrough]] and a full account of all of the 223 species of mammals of the state. 
Other ^[[insertion]] similar [[/insertion]] reports have been published on Texas, North Dakota, New Mexico, and other sections of the country. In preparing these reports I find it necessary to identify the species, map their ranges, and gather all of the [[insertion]] useful 50% [[/insertion]] information possible about each. [[line]] [[strikethrough]] 50% Fully half of my time is devoted to such reports.

Many problems of animal control or management such as the study of food supply of beavers, and muskrats, the cause of death of large numbers of deer in Pennsylvania, food supply for the deer on the Kaibab Forest in Arizona, destruction of mice in the apple orchards in Maryland

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