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Sept. 16, 1911

B 42332  13 13.5 -73
Type IV?  A.J.C.
Known, tau Muscae
Shows only one bright band.
On B 13468, marked Type IV. New.
This is a (3,6,10) star only very faint.

Pec. on B 39170 Mrs. F.
Mb on B 13468, Mrs. F.

on B 39170 (0,4,10)

On B 13763, banded like (3,6,10) only (3) band is not seen. Absorption is stronger than in (0,6,10) and whole effect is more banded.


Sept. 16, 1911

chi Cass.  B 36639
Trace of sp. in position but too ft. to classify.
I 2291 nothing seen
I 33407 nothing seen
I 36820 nothing seen.

+62° 596 [[strikethrough]] zeta [[/strikethrough]] mu Camelop.
I 33486 One faint bright band seen. Probably Na.
I 659 Too faint.

(3 58 +61 Also on plate. Marked Nd Class VI?)

U Cam (cont.)
I 36670 very faint probably Na
I 639 very ft. probably Na.
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