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[[underlined]] July 20, 1911 [[/underlined]]

B 40294
Peculiar sp. -19° 3634
A wide absorption band ^[[bet. H gamma & H delta]]. This band looks something like H & K of another star but chart plate shows no other star.
Conf. on B 9444 sp. rather ft.
B 11395 sp. rather ft
B9604 sp. rather ft.
B 40575 good
B 13138 rather ft.

This absorption band is seen on other K stars on these plates, but much less marked. I have never seen a spectrum in which it is so conspicuous. Get  wavelengths of band.


July 20, 1911

B 40431  -32° 12518  17 9.0 -32 32 (1900)
H beta bright. Faint br. line. Other lines very ft. so that sp. is almost continuous from H beta to H epsilon.

B 20242
Sp. almost continuous. Bright H beta not seen. This plate does not show the line H beta in any stars as faint as this.

B 14152
Lines very ft. Helium 4471 present. H beta not seen. Region too ft.
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