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[[underlined]] March 14, 1912 [[/underlined]] 


Measure of dark line in spectra of nova Gem. no. 2 

I 37637 
H gamma 0.0 unk.^[[dark]] line 4.4 
H delta 6.8 
H delta 0.0 unk.^ [[dark]] line 2.3 
H gamma 6.7 

I 37636
H delta 0.0 unk. line 2.3 H delta 6.8 
H gamma 0.0 unk. line 4.4 H delta 6.7 
This dark line may be 4173 strong in alpha Cygni

[[right margin]] Dist. bet. H delta and H gamma= 
this line = [[formula]]
[[/right margin]] 

I 37637 
H Beta 0.0 br.? 2.8 br.? 4.8 H gamma 5.9 
H gamma 0.0 br.? 1.1 br. ? 3.0 H Beta 5.7 


I 37644 
H delta 0.0 br. 1.2 br.2.1 br.6.0 br.7.8 H gamma 3.6 H beta 9.4
H beta 0.0 br.2.7 br.4.9 H gamma 5.9 br.7.2 br.8.0 H delta 9.5


[[underlined]] March 23, 1912 [[/underlined]]

Nova Gem. No.2 spectrum of. 

[[left margin]] JD 19475 [[/left margin]] 

Mch. 13, 1912 (JD 19475)

I 37637
Class F5 with a ^[[dark]] line at about 4173 strong and one of greater lambda than H beta.
Two bright sp. were bet. H gamma and H beta. Map these up with those in Class K. The one of greater lambda is apparently the same as in Class K. Get lambda.

[[margin]] JD 19467 [[/margin]]
AC 12978 Mch. 5, (JD 19467)
No trace of the two Novae.

Transcription Notes:
Unsure how to transcribe calculations in right margin on first page = Instructions say [[formula]]

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