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May 15, Left Elk River at 4:49 P:M. enrout for Pierre, Dakota. Waited 20 minutes at Minneapolis & started west from there at 6:40 P.M. Laid over at Kassota Junction from 10 P.M. to 3. A.M.

" [[ditto for: May]] 16. Left Kassota at 3 A.M, begun to get daylight as we reached New Ulm, the ground white with frost from daylight till it melted off at about 10 A.M.

The water in the Minnesota River very high, over much of the valley. Much water in ponds sloughs & streams in both Dakota & Minnesota. 
Reached Huron at noon & there noticed the first advance in vegetation, From Huron there is a constant advance until reaching Pierre when vegetation is at least two weeks ahead of that at Elk River, Minn. 
Plum blossoms have mostly fallen off, Choke cherries are in blossom & full leaf, Flowering Currants (Ribes aureum) in blossom & leaf, they grow wild here – abundant; boxelder, cottonwood, & willow leaves nearly full grown.
Has been no frost at Pierre for about 3 weeks.

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