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May 17. Rained in night & nearly all day 
Crossed the river to Coulson – old Ft. Pierre – but could see no advantage to be gained by staying on that side of the river & there is but little chance to stay there at all, so I came back & settled at the east end of Pierre.

" [[ditto for: May]] 18. Cleared up but some muddy yet. got out my traps & gun & went up on the hills in morning. Got some birds but could find no signs of mice. Saw two Jack Rabbits.
In afternoon hunted over the same kind of ground but without much success. While kicking over some grass to look for mouse holes I kicked out a young Jack Rabbit not half as large as a little Gray Rabbit. It ran about 15 rods & crouched down flat on the prairie where was nothing but short grass, but I could not find it for a long time & then caught it before it moved.