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May 23. Went to traps & hunted all forenoon. Caught one Austerus & two Gophers, killed some birds & added some to my list.
Saw one Jack Rabbit.
In afternoon skinned & prepared specimens & after supper went to see the agent about going down river on the boat, so didn't hunt anymore.

" [[ditto for: May]] 24. Hunted & went to traps in forenoon, got some more birds & one Austerus.
In afternoon fixed the specimens & hunted some with out much success.
Tried to dig out a Burrowing Owls nest but the ground is like stone.

" [[ditto for: May]] 25. Took up my traps in morning, only got an Arvicola riparis & Gray Rabbit, & Gopher. Havent done well trapping for Austerus.
Put up the skins, went to see the steamboat agent & then began on my report. Very warm – 84[[degree symbol]].

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May 26. A fine rain most all day.
Worked about all day on my report.
Expected to start down river Monday but got letter that changes my plans & will begin work on the west side of river Monday. My eyes hurt so I can't work in the evening.

" [[ditto for: May]] 27. Sunday. cooler & clearing up, looks as though tomorrow would be fair.

" [[ditto for: May]] 28. Clear & warm.
Went across the river to the Ft. Pierre side in morning & staid all day, set out my traps but didn't see much to shoot, killed two young Jack Rabbits. found lots of signs of mice. saw a Skunk track & lots of holes of Badger or Skunk.

The land is very different from the east side. no boulders or signs of drift. All gumbo or soft unstratified kind of slate, some red rocks of local formation, very hilly. About half the hills are bare gumbo or Bad Lands. Found a lot of joints of Bacculites, some petrified bones & lots of gypsum in the gumbo.