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June 4: Wind very strong. only ran about two hours all day. tied up to the bank & went on shore.

After running an hour tied up to a tree at 8:30 for the night, cant run nights & hardly days. The river is high but the channel is constantly changing & cannot be followed easily. The Terry has a capassity of 300 tons & draws 30 inches of water with 70 tons as a load - the present load.
Slept on a blanket on deck.

" [[Ditto for: June]] 5 Cold & raw.
Started at 4:30 & ran all day except about two hours that we were stuck on sand barr. Ran into bank several times & struck a sand bar so hard as to upset everything, the band was playing but stopped.

" [[Ditto for: June]] 6, A cold night, 49[[degree symbol]] in morning, froze out & had to get up at daybreak & go down to the furnace to thaw. didnt sleep very well.