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Jan. 3 Took up traps & moved down in valley near river & set out same traps. Had business to attend to in town for a few hours & didnt get camped much before dark.  Found a good camp ground & signs of game.

Saw about 50 Quails & lots of ducks but couldnt stop to get them tonight. Found signs of Arvicolas & caught one Thomomys.

Warm day, cold evening.  Called on Mr. Adams.

" [[Ditto for: Jan.]] 4. Went to traps, set more, hunted, skinned things.

Caught 2 Onychomys & 2 Mus musculus. Shot some Quails & a duck.

Cloudy. Chilly.

Pond mostly froze over in morning.  River open.

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[[strikethrough]] Jan. 5 A cloudy & not very cold night [[/strikethrough]]