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Jan. 8. Took up traps, packed up & went down the river about 6 miles to end of a deep cañon & camped. 

Set out traps & went down the cañon a ways. The prospect is not very good.

A very warm day.

Tamiases common all along road.

" [[ditto for: Jan.]] 9. Horses went off & I hunted them till noon.

In P.M. hunted ducks but did'nt get much.

Shot a swan but lost it.

Keays set traps & caught 2 Hesperomys.

Traded horses.

" [[ditto for: Jan.]] 10 Nothing in traps but Hesperomys & a Tamias. 

Packed up & went back to St. George & then up the Santa Clara Creek & camped for the night near Santa Clara

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Jan. 11. Went up the creek 3 miles farther & camped in a brushy valley between rocky hills.

The brush is full of birds. Saw lots of Quails & some Texan Woodpeckers - the first of the species met.

Camped near the creek among Cottonwood trees. Set traps the rest of day. Coon tracks common. 

A warm day & rainy in evening.