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[[underlined]] Bridgers Pass, Wyo. [[/underlined]]

Sep. 1. Went to my traps in morning. caught 4 mice & 3 Thomomys. then Went down the valley & hunted for Spermophilae till noon. Didnt find any.

In afternoon stuffed a Porcupine, skinned & stuffed 4 mice, 1 T. quadrivittatus, 1 Weasel, & 3 Thomomys & made 2 bird skins.
Cold morning & evening & warm day.

" [[ditto for: Sep.]] 2. Sunday. A pleasant day. Not feeling well.

" [[ditto for: Sep.]] 3. A light frost in morning.

Went to traps in morning. got an Arvicola & a Taurias lateralis. Skinned & stuffed 3 mice & a Porcupine beforenoon.

In P.M. set 18 traps. Killed a few birds. Shot at a Badger but didnt get. Hunted for Spermophilae, but didnt find any.

Transcription Notes:
Added ditto tags to be consistent with other similar projects, minor edits. Checked location/species. -@meg_shuler I think it should be Arvicola ie water vole as a water vole found in Western North America was historically considered a member of this genus. -@siobhanleachman I agree, and have updated to Arvicola -@meg_shuler