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July 30 At Little Spring.

Fixed up camp.

Killed some birds & a Red Squirrel & some Tamiases.

Made a few skins & set 16 traps.

[[strikethrough]] 4 [[/strikethrough]] 52 [[degree symbol]] after sunrise. Spring water 44 [[degree symbol]]

" [[ditto for July]] 31. Caught an Arvicola & some Hesperomys & Thomomys. C.H.M. shot birds & Chipmunks & we made [[strikethrough]] s [[/strikethrough]] skins most of day.

A little rain at 2 P.M.

Aug. 1 51 [[degree symbol]] (F) at sunrise. Clear & hot at noon.

Caught a few mammals, made up the skins & some birds.

Got 5 bats in evening of 3 species.

" [[ditto for: Aug.]] 2 Worked at specimens all day. Had a Sciurus aberti to put up - a beauty.

50 [[degree symbol]] in morning.

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Transcription Notes:
C.H.M = C. Hart Merriam, brother of the more famous Florence Merriam Bailey, Vernon's future wife. -@siobhanleachman