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Nov. 17 Sunday.

" [[ditto for: Nov.]] 18 Got my trunk but found the stage does not go to Dos Cabesos until tomorrow, so went hunting.
Killed a Lepus sylvaticus & some birds. Skinned these & then set 18 traps.
Cold nights & pleasant days.

" [[ditto for: Nov.]] 19 Only caught one Thomyomys & one Dipodops. Skinned these & took the stage for Dos Cabesos at 1 P.M. Arrived there at dark. Dos Cabesos is in the foot hills of a group of low mountains with no timber or open water. There is little vegetation or animal life. Altitude 5300.

" [[ditto for: Nov.]] 20 Hunted most all day, killed a Lepus sylvaticus, a S. Grammurus & some birds. Set some traps but could not find much signs of game. The country is fearfully dry & bare.
Weather cold.