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Nov. 21 Caught 3 Dipodomys, 3 Onychomys, a Neotoma, & a Hesperomys.
In P.M. went 2 miles down the road toward Wilcox & explored a cave. It does not extend far, if full of holes & cracks that seem to be alive with Neotomas. Saw one Bat but could not get it. picked up half a hatfull of bones on the bottom. There are an immense sight of bones on top of the dirt, but the dirt is damp & I could find no bones a few inches below the surface. They seem to have been brought there by owls. I could find no pellets, but there is owl dung over all the rocks. The cave is in a hard, blue limestone. It is about 30 rods from the road on the west side. 
Saw very few birds & no mammals but Rabbits & a few Prairie Dogs. 
Reset my traps & made up the skins. A very pleasant day & not too cold for comfort. 

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Changed it's to it is. -@siobhanleachman