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Nov. 29 Caught a Dipodops & a Hesperomys & a Perognathus apache & a Geomys & shot a Cotton-tail & a Buteo b. calurus & 2 Oroscoptes & 2 Carpodacus m. frontalis & an Amphispiza b. nevadenis.
Set 13 more traps, making 33 in all, mostly for mice & Dipodops on the sandy land along the dry river channel. Found some holes of Skunk or Badger, but they were full of Rabbits tracks & no use to set traps at them.  Saw lots of Rabbits of both kinds.
Got back to hotel at 12:30 & in P.M. made up the skins.
A cold morning & warm day.

" [[ditto for: Nov.]] 30 Caught 4 Dipodops & an Onychomys & a Neotoma & a Cottontail.
The Perognathus ran over & upset &
sprung my traps, but would not get in them. They are very numerous but I dont know how to catch them successfully.
Killed a few birds. Put up skins in P.M.
A cold morning but warm day.
This is the last day of Nov. & my catalogue shows 103 mammal skins, of about 30 species, for the month, & I have traveled 800 miles.

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