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[[image - drawing of a mountain and stream, with Japanese symbols]]

If our fine arts should be introduced through you to your people, we should be unspeakably delighted.

The items we are desirous to sell are as follows:

1. The oil-paintings and water-colours of Japanese masters (Fujita, Umehara, Yamashita, Yasui, Ishii, Sakamoto, among other members of Academy)

2. Authentic Japanese paintings.

3. Wood-engravings (modern and domestic and customary, chiefly "Ukiyoes" of 15th century)(Not reproductions)

4. Porcelain, pottery, lacquerware, and Makiye (gold) (plate, urn, vase, etc.)

- The works of French masters (18th century-20th cent.)
(Monet, Renoir, Corot, Daumier, Pissarro, sisley, Degas, Bonnard, ^[[checkmark symbol]] Lautrec, ^[[checkmark symbol]] Matisse, Dufy, Derain, Utrillo, Vlamunck, Signac, Chagall, Soutine, ^[[checkmark symbol]]  Modigliani, ^[[checkmark symbol]] Redon, ^[[checkmark symbol]] Picasso, ^[[checkmark symbol]]  Braque, etc.)

- Oriental Buddha images (Byakugo period 18th century--Kamakura period 15th century) sculpture.

We are ready to send any of the above articles in compliance with your order, and we hope it is not too much to beg you to recommend us to your lovers of fine arts. As for the procedure of transaction, we are most willing to accord with your hopes.

As for minutes, you shall be informed some time later. At any rate, for the present we shall only confine ourselves to this much by way of introducing our project, and we eagerly looking forward to your favourable and sympathetic opinions about it.

Yours very sincerely

[[signed]]T. Mizushima[[/signed]]
[[signed]]K. Tamada[[/signed]]
Liaison Department 

Representatives of Fujikawa Galley, Osaka, Japan. 

[[preprinted]] FUJIKAWA GALLERY [[/preprinted]]

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