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^[[25 [[cms?]] wide]]
^[[ [[underlined]] 12:50 [[/underlined]] ]]


PATER, Jean Baptiste Joseph ^[[caps]] ^[[12 pt Cap Sm Caps]]
(1695-1736) ^[[10 pt]]

1-^[[image: small square]]-Painting  ^[[image: small square]]"The Rustic Meal" ^[[10 pt]]

BOUCHER, François 

2---Painting  "The Water Mill"

3---painting  "La Lavandière"

(1710 – ? )

4---painting  "Camp Scene" ^[[checkmark]]


5---painting "Paysage" ^[[checkmark]]

6---painting "Paysage"

ROBERT, Hubert 

7---painting  "A Stone Bridge"

8---painting  "Temple of Agrippa"

9---painting   "The Watering Place"

HOIN,Claude Jean Baptiste 

10---Water Color  "The Altar of Cupid"

Transcription Notes:
Review in Process jeni92127 11 Sep 2017 For the Pater section: - Handwritten parenthesis around "PATER, Jean Baptiste Joseph". -- In the handwriting after the above, "Cap" has a strikeout below it. - For the dashes (-) before the small square, it appears that the dashes were crossed out and meant to be replaced by the small square. - For the first occurrence of "Painting" in this section, the word was originally lowercase and the original author changed it. - As opposed to the transcription of "10 pt" being entered after the Pater entries, a bracket with the label of "10 pt" was drawn. However, it is difficult to tell where the bracket ends. On close inspection, it looks like the line had continued very faintly to the end. However, the line of the bracket is only strong until after the Boucher paintings. For the first entry under Boucher: - the space in front of "Francois" is missing in the original - the dashes were either meant to be stricken or changed into a bullet. - For the first occurrence of "Painting," the word was originally lowercase and the original author changed it. For the Pillement section: - There is a long, handwritten dash mark in front of the dates entry For the Huber section: - There is a long vertical line drawn from before "Robert" down to the front of the last Hubert entry - the space in front of "Hubert" is missing in the original - the words "water color" were originally lowercase and the original author changed it. Appears to be a watermark of the paper company along both margins but it is a reverse image. The second line on the left margin reads "MADE IN USA"

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