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A general flatness, large marshes along streams, dense thickets, large bodies of good heavy timber with a mixture of pine mark the [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] change. The snow is deeper as we go farther into the woods. From Bridgman we follow up the W. branch of Run R. about 20 miles to a lumbercamp - Wheelers. From Bridgman the pine timber has been thick & large but all that would make logs has been cut. The small pine is quite thick & together with various deciduous trees forms pretty thick woods.

Reached camp at 5 P.M. It is 30 miles from Mille Lac Lake. Snow is about 18 inches deep at camp. One Porcupine is reported near here but can hear of no Martins. 

Saw fresh Deer tracks & coon & Woodchuck & Mink & Rabbit & Lynx & Coyote tracks. No pine seen but P. strobus. seen, a few large old pines, hollow or crooked, are still standing.

Good farms are common to Bridgman, none north of there.

Large granite boulders are numerous in woods. A windy, chilly day & no birds seen. Thawed a little, cold at night.

Transcription Notes:
Reviewed. Mille Lac Lake = -@siobhanleachman "Radius" in the first line is bodies. Following Wheelers, Bridgemn is Bridgman -@raferrante