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March 19 Slept on floor of lumber camp & took cold. a cold night, clear, froze hard in morning, thawed a little in P.M. & clouded up with a S. wind in evening.

Went down the river & crossed & over to where a Porcupine had been seen about a week before.  Found where it had gnawed trees lately but failed to find it.  It had gnawed back from Pine, Popple, Black oak, & Basswood.

Hunted for him all forenoon, then went back river & camped by old pine log. Set 28 traps, killed 2 Red Squirrels & 3 Flying Squirrels, skinned the last in evening.  Saw Coon, Woodchuck, Skunk & Cat tracks.

" [[ditto for: March]] 20 Rained about an hour in morning wet things some, but stopped at daylight.

Had a good sleep on soft pine boughs by big log with fire in front. not a cold night Barred & Horned Owls hooted all around.

Started for the Porcupine place before light.

Found a fresh track but could not follow it.  hunted all around for it but to no purpose.

Took up traps & got 6 Evotomys & 3 Hesperomys and a Sorex forsteri.

Transcription Notes:
Reviewed. Made edits to species names. -@siobhanleachman

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