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Reached camp at 2 P.M. Made up 13 skins & hunted awhile.  Killed a Picoides, saw trees gnawed by Porcupines.

The camp is well built of logs & good roof, & plank floor.  There are two, a cooking & eating camp & the bunk room. The bunk room is 50 x 35 feet, has 24 large bunks a big stove & 3 small windows. The cooking room is not quite so large.

They are connected by a roof over a space of 20 feet.  Supper is well cooke & very abundant.  The men rush into the room & seat themselves around four long tables. There is pea soup, roast beef, pork & beans,
potatos, codfish, bread & butter, 2 kinds of pie, 2 kinds of stewed fruits, 4 kinds of cakes.
A warm day, thawed lively.

March 22. The camp was stiring at 4 oclock, breakfast was over & I was well out in the woods at 6, though not light enough to see tracks.

Found Porcupine gnawings & waded around in the deep snow.

Saw 2 Deer & lots of tracks.  They come into choppings & roads to feed & keep out of deep snow.  Saw Porcupine & Lynx & Skunk & Woodchuck tracks but could not follow any of them.  Shot a Pileated Woodpecker & saw several.

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