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While coming home at noon I saw a Porcupine track crossing road, & followed it a little way & saw the fellow high up on a pine limb. Shot it & found it to be a large old [[male symbol]].  In P.M. made up the Porcupine & 4 other skins
Froze up hard in morning, thawing by noon. Clear & pleasant.
The men had a Saturday night dance in the evening. a lively time, have a good fiddler in camp - a half-witted Swede boy.

March 23. Sunday. A clear, pleasant day. thawed. Snowing lively in evening.

" [[Ditto for: March]] 24. 3 inches of soft snow on the crust in morning. I had a good early start. had found 3 Porcupines before 8 oclock. Killed 2 & brought one in alive. Found them all sitting on limbs, seemed to be asleep. Hunted till noon but found no more. Killed a Deer & saw 4 more. the one killed was an old doe, stomach full of lichens, a well grown embryo. In P.M. skinned Deer & one Porcupine. Rained from 4 P.M. till late in evening.

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