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March 25 Took an early tramp of a mile or so, Found nothing but a Woodchuck track.
It snowed all night & most all day
but melted as fast as fell, is wet &
sloppy.  Cold & freezing towards night
A cold N.W. wind.
Skinned Porcupine & set 12 traps. Found a young nearly ready to be born in an old Porcupine.  It had sharp quills & thick hair, its eyes were open & incessors & part of molars were through & hard.
Never saw any animal so well developed 
when born.

" [[Ditto for: March]] 26 A cold morning froze up hard, warmed
up by noon & thawed fast.
Caught 3 Evotomys & killed 2 big  
Northern Flying Squirrels & shot some
Woodpeckers & a Red Squirrel.
A boy killed me a Saw whet owl.
Saw 2 wolf tracks & some Wild cat tracks.

" [[Ditto for: 27]] Froze in morning, cloudy & windy through the day.
Hunted most of day, got but little
game.  Saw 2 Deer, & lots of tracks.
Snow knee deep in woods, a few bare spots under trees.  Saw 4 Ravens.

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Reviewed. -@siobhanleachman