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[[underlined]] Fairfield, Utah. [[/underlined]]

June 21, Stuffed The Woodchuck skins that I brought from Park City & then started out with gun & traps.
Killed 6 Tamias quadrivittatus & 2 Spizella breweri & a Night Hawk.  Made up these skins & went out again in P.M. & got a pretty little Spermophile, somewhat like tereticaudus. Saw some more & lots of holes & tracks. Set a few traps so as to have a supply of game for Monday.  Saw a Coyote & a brown duck.

A warm day & not so windy.

Tamias are numerous, could have killed a lot more. The place promises well.

" [[Ditto for: June]] 22 Sunday, warm - clear.
Took 2 Hesperomes & some Tamias out of the traps.

" [[Ditto for: June]] 23 Killed 2 Spermophiles & some Tamias & birds, Made up skins, set 20 traps,

A hot day 85 [[degree symbol]] in P.M. 

Loaded a lot of shells in evening.

Transcription Notes:
Reviewed. Edited & took tereticudus of Spermophilus tereticaudus out of brackets. -@siobhanleachman Hesperomys to Hesperomes -@meg_shuler

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