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July 2. Packed the specimens & sent them by rail. Packed my baggage & left Cedar Fort at 4 P.M. 
A hot day with a shower in P.M. 
Reached Salt Lake City at 9 P.M.

" [[Ditto for: July]] 3 Took the train at 7:30 for Park City & arrived there at 10:30. A very perceptable change of climate from Salt Lake to Park City. Went to the Crescent House & got all ready to begin on Tamias lateralis before dinner & started out right after dinner. Went up the main gulch to near the Anchor tunnel. Killed 13 Tamias lateralis, more than half were young of the year. Shot most of them with the aux. Skinned & catalogued & poisoned & rolled up the skins. Not bad for a half days work. Not very hot, but the people here think it is. Clear & still.

" [[Ditto for: July]] 4 Went up the right hand gulch in A.M. to above the mines & nearly up to snow. Killed 10 Tamias & 2 Zonotrichas & a young Junco. Found nice water above the mines. The town water is foul & stinking from rubbish thrown in it at the camps. 
In P.M. went up past the Ontario mine but did not find much. Got 6 Tamias

Transcription Notes:
Reviewed. -@siobhanleachman "Zonotrichia" to "Zonotrichas" (though I'm sure he MEANT the former) -@meg_shuler