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making 16 in all today. Skinned & rolled up all of them & put up the 3 birds. Got done at 10:30 P.M. 
Have a big boil on my temple & my right eye is swelled nearly shut.
being out in the heat makes it swell worse & walking hurts it, so I have kept rather quiet today & walked slowly.
Opened the boil tonight, it ran well & feels better. A hot day.
The town is more quiet than usual as the people have mostly gone to Ogden & Salt Lake to celebrate. The few men in town are mostly drunk.

July 5 Went out early & killed 6 more Tamias lateralis, this makes 36. Skinned them & rolled them all up snugly in papers. 
Did some writing & got ready to leave. Started down the slope at 5 P.M. & reached Salt Lake City at 7. The P.O. was closed I could not find anyone. 
A warm day.
Salt Lake is full of people. 

Transcription Notes:
Reviewed. -@siobhanleachman added missing word "lateralis" -@meg_shuler