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July 6 Sunday. The P.O. did not open till 12 M. Then I found Dutches & took him to church in afternoon. 
Left Salt Lake for Ogden at 8 P.M.
A hot day, clear & still.

" [[Ditto for: July]] 7 At Ogden, Utah.
Got up early & began on the Chipmunk skins that I brought down from Park City. Found them soft & in good condition. We Got them all stuffed & pinned down in the trays before noon. 
Got an aux. rifle barrel put in my shot gun by Browning Bros. Picked out our saddles & got some things for the trip. 
Watched for bats down by the river in evening but only saw one & did not get a shot.
Clear & not very warm. 

" [[Ditto for: July]] 8 Got some more things & did a good deal of traveling around & bargaining. In P.M. took our guns & went out to the beach. Had a swim in the lake but did not kill anything. Started for Blackfoot, Idaho, at 7 P.M.

Transcription Notes:
Reviewed. 12 M I assume means 12 noon. -@siobhanleachman added missing word "for" -@meg_shuler