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[[underlined]] 1891 [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] March 4 [[/underlined]] At Mr. Watkin's place in Ash Meadows, Nevada.
Nelson, Colville & I packed our things on a buckboard & started for Vegas Valley Started at 8 A.M. Colville on his horse, Nelson & I in buckboard.

Crossed over a low divide & down into Pahrump Valley & camped at Mr. Winters ranch. Came 26 miles. Country rather bare, pebbly mesas & stoner washes. Lots of soda, or alkalie, in Ash Meadows, little or none in Pahrump Valley.

In the bottom of Pahrump Valley it is all a yellowish, solid soil, bare between the bunches of Atriplex. It is a dry valley except for a few springs, some large ones. 
One furnishes water to irrigate some 600 acres of barley on Mr. Winters ranch. Broke the buckboard tongue & I had to fix it while Nelson set traps. Saw no game except a Vespertillio that I auxed in the evening while cooking supper. 

We found 3 horn toads & Nelson caught some lizzards. [[underlined]] Came 26 [[/underlined]] miles. 

A nice warm day, clear & pleasant. Our trip to the Vegas is to occupy 8 or 10 days.  It is 100 miles to there.

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