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[[underlined]] March 5. [[/underlined]] Nelson shot an Archibuteo ferrigineus, & a Spermophile & caught servl Hesperomes & Dipodomes & Neotomes.
Started as early as we could, about 7:30.
Went 6 miles south to White's & Yount's ranch which is watered by another large spring that runs about 125 inches of water. This is a fine ranch & well kept 
They appear to be fine people. Raise alfalfa, barley, wheat, grapes, & other fruits. There are lots of large willows & cottonwoods on the ranch. It seems like an oasis in the desert. The valley is large & mainly dry & barren. Atriplex grows over the lower part, several species & Larrhea on the mesa higher up. From here we follow south 6 miles more to 9 mile spring, water our horses & fill our canteens.  no more water for 20 miles on our road. Travel till 4 oclock & make a dry camp with no grass. Set out our traps & make up skins in evening. I shot a Jack Rabbit. saw 5. Coville saw 2 spermophius. Saw lots of old Badger holes but no fresh ones, saw a little Fox track & plenty of Coyote tracks. Small mammal holes are numerous
Clear & warm. A snow squall in evening
[[underlined]] Came 20 miles. [[/underlined]]

Transcription Notes:
Archibuteo frrigeneus - think Vernon means Archibuteo ferrugineus. -@siobhanleachman