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[[underlined]] March 6 [[/underlined]] Caught a few common things. It snowed a few minutes in evening at camp last night & this morning the mountains all around were white down to edge of valley. It had cleared up but a chilly wind blew most of day.
Followed along the mesa south & east & up through some foothills to Mountain Spring, near the pass between Charlston Mts. & Mt. Alcot. [[underlined]] Some 19 miles. [[/underlined]]. 

Mr Younts ranch in Pahrump valley is [[strikethrough]] T [[/strikethrough]] 2770 according to a railroad survey. 

Last nights camp was 375 feet above Younts. or 3000 feet. Mountain Spring is 5695. by the aneroid. There are large Thomomes around the ranches in bottom of valley but none on dry sides of valley until we get up to 3150 feet where the first hills of a smaller species begins. They begin at the edge of the Yucca belt & extend above them, probably to top of Charlstons. 

Holes that are evidently of Dipodops begin at edge of Yuccas & extend to foothills. Tamias leucurus is common all the way. Several fresh Badger holes seen. A little snow around Mt. Spr. PiƱon & Cedars all around.

Tall pines higher up. The spring is about a mile or two from the divide. Caught frogs in spring, saw more. Set traps. 

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