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The Cats Claw - [[strikethrough]] Mimosa [[/strikethrough]] Acacia greggii (?) & the Desert Willow are examples. Cacti are numerous. Cottonwoods in 3200 by the aneroid.

[[underlined]] March 8, Sunday. [[/underlined]] Caught lots of little Dipodomes & 2 species of Hesperomys & a Tamias leucurus & a Thomomys & Neotoma.
Frosty morning, 25 [[degree symbol]], pleasant day.

[[underlined]] March 9 [[/underlined]] We caught 2 species of Hesperomys 2 Perognothes, an Onychomys, Tamias leucurus & Dipodomys.

Got up early & started as early as we could get off after picking up our traps. started at 8.
Went through a gap in the next sandstone ridge & came out onto the edge of the broad Vegas Valley. Half the way we are in stony washes & the road washed out a good deal.

Here we strike the Larrhea belt again & Yuccas & cacti are numerous. Most of the shrubs are spiny or stink. Lyssium & a Dalea & 2 speices of Menodora & Acasia are all spiny.

The ground is bare in places like all the dry valleys, small plants are starting here & are ahead of any place we have seen lately.

We travel about N.E. [[underlined]] 15 1/2 miles [[/underlined]] & camped at the Vegas springs at 2 P.M. Made up some skins & set traps. The springs are very large. A small creek flows from each of 3 or 4 spings & joining they make a good stream.