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Hosiery   SHOES   Bags

Since 1895

Jesberg's Walk-Over has grown with the business life of Los Angeles and kept pace with the developments in modern merchandising.

Throughout 51 years of continuous operation, it has been their constant endeavor to offer high standards of products and personal service.

...and, in the future, their patrons have the assurance that every effort will be made to provide the most efficient methods of service, as well as to supply, at fair prices, the newest and best in footwear and accessories

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716 South Broadway 

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The Los Angeles Rams
By Maxwell Stiles

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A gridiron tornado has come to town. 
A tornado in Blue and Gold, that sounds its mighty tumult in the names and deeds of men like Bob Waterfield and Tom Harmon,Fred Gehrke and Jack Wilson,Jim Benton and Riley Matheson, Jack Banta and Mike Holovak, Steve Pritko and Ray Hamilton.
A tornado that strikes with the fury of a Harmon or a Gherke in a blaze of blue bounding goalward down in the field or that lashes out high and far in an aerial thrust where Waterfield and Benton or Washington and Strode arch their wizardry across the evening sky.
A tornado that is known as the Los Angeles Rams Football Club, champions of the world as based on their 15 to 14 victory over their opponents of tonight, the Washington Redskins, in a game played last December in zero weather in Cleveland.
Yes, the champions have come West, bringing with them National League football and all that this 26-year-old circuit represents or implies. This is the first team and the first major league in any sport to expand to the Pacific Coast, and many see in the gridiron move westward a possible or even probable forerunner of similar expansion or migration on the part of major league baseball.
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Having a National League team in Los Angeles, with the mammoth Memorial Coliseum as its home field, means that Los Angles sports fans will see during regular league play, and not merely in post season exhibitions, the greatest players the future will provide. Had this happened 20 years ago, there would have been seen here in regular championship competition rather than in exhibitions only such gridiron giants as Red Grange, Bronko Nagurski, Cliff Battles, Dutch Clark, Mel Heln, Don Hustson, Benny Friedman,johnny Blood, Bill Hewitt, Harry Newman, Beattie Feathers, Clark Hinkle, Joe Stydahar, Whizzer White, Cecil Isbell, Davey O'Brien and the rest. 
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Our Casual Clothes Have The 'California Touch'
644 South Broadway*Hollywood at Vine*Wilshire At Cochran in the Miracle Mile*Pasadena*Long Beach*East Los Angeles*Glendale*Santa Monica*Huntington Park*San Bernardino*Santa Barbara*San Jose*San Diego*Pomona*Santa Ana 

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