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Auburn, Cal.

[[underlined]] Oct. 23 [[/underlined]]  Caught 2 Sorex and one long tailed Hesperomys.  Reset the traps for Hesperomys boylii, Found a Dipodops track in road but could not find where it came from or went to.

[[underlined]] Oct. 24 [[/underlined]]  Caught 6 Hesperomes along south side of Middle Fork American River just above the junction but do not think it is the one wanted - H. boylii.  Shot a cottontail and a Spermophile.  Walked 6 miles & took up my traps and got back at 9:30.  Made up 7 skins, packed my trunk and left Auburn at 1 P.M.  Came back to Rocklin, 22 miles from Sacramento and at 2 P.M. was out hunting Jack Rabbits.   Killed 2 Jacks and tramped till dark trying to find places where Dipodomys lives.  Found some holes of probably Mus musculus & set 20 traps.

The altitude of Rocklin is 260 feet.  It is at the edge of the plains of the Sacramento Valley.  The country is gently rolling.  A mile to the west the treeless plains stretch away.  All around Rocklin & to the east is scattered timber, Pinus sabiniana & Quercus douglasii and a few Q. wislizenia.  The soil is mostly clay & is hard.  Lava covers part of the country. Granite crops out & is extensively quarried at Rocklin.

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