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The oak with leaves like lobata but smaller & a small tree begins between Newcastle & Auburn but does not extend to Colfax.  Another small, almost shrubby & apparently deciduous[[strikethrough]] l [[/strikethrough]] leaved, oak is found at Colfax, has lobed leaves.  

Aesculus californicus begins at Penryn & is com. to Colfax.  Arctostophylos p. platyphilla begins between Auburn and Newcastle and is abn. to Colfax.  Pseudotsuga douglassii begins at Auburn & is at Colfax.  Chameobatia foliolosa begins at Auburn is com. at Colfax.  Pinus lambertiana begins at Newengland Mills & is common at Colfax.

[[underlined]] Oct. 26 [[/underlined]]. The stage does not leave Colfax for Michigan Bluff till 3 P.M. so I had time to hunt.  Tramped over the hills all of forenoon, talked with several men about Chipmunks but there do not seem to be any around here.  Killed a Sciurus fossor.  Spermophilus beecheyi is common, also Thomomys .

The country is hilly, brushy, and Pine and oak timber scattered over the hills.

Left Colfax at 3:30 P.M. and Reached Michigan Bluff at 9 P.M. - 23 miles.  The first part of the road for about 8 miles is steadily down hill to the North Fork of American River.  Then it is all up hill for about 8 miles to Forest Hill.

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