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It got dark a little before we reached Forest
Hill. To Michigan Bluff (7 miles) it was dark but pretty good road and not much upgrade. 

[[underlined]] Oct. 27. [[/underlined]] Started out in morning to find Tamias quadrimaculatus. The people all say that Chipmunks are common. Tramped all of forenoon & saw one Tamias but did not get it.  Shot a Sciurus fossor & a Pine Squirrel.  Skinned these and in P.M. started out on another trail but saw no Chipmunks.  Saw more of both kinds of Sciurus.  Set some traps.

Guess I will get a horse and go up to Sugar Pine Mill tomorrow.  Said to be Chipmunks up there and Flying Squirrels.

Pinus lambertiana and P. ponderosa and Libocedrus decurrens are large trees here and have been cut a good deal for lumber.  I should think Michigan Bluff was 300 or 400 feet higher than Colfax.

Besides the plants at Colfax there is a tridentate leaved, prostrate Ceanothus and a small, prickly leaved oak, 4 to 6 feet high.

Quercus douglasii & the lobate leaved oak are wanting here.  Q. chrysolipes & the large leaved oak are common.  Red soil still predominates.  The country is long, high ridges and deep ravines.  Middle Fork of American R. passes just South of town but down in a dark caƱon.

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