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[[underlined]] Oct. 28 [[/underlined]] Got a saddle horse and went up the ridge 7 miles to a ranch called Main top.  It is up hill most of the way and I should think was 500 feet above Michigan Bluff. It was windy and cloudy & cool in morning and thickened up and began to sprinkle about noon. I found Chipmunks common near Main top and killed 5, then it began to rain steadily, about 1 P.M. and I started for home. It rained hard all the rest of day and part of night was cold and windy. I got soaked through and very cold. The red clay became so slippery my horse could hardly stand and streams of water ran down the roads. It is so cold and so muddy and nasty I could hardly get any more Chipmunks for a day or two, so concluded to leave in the morning. Skinned the things in evening and got ready for an early start in the morning.

[[underlined]] Oct. 29[[/underlined]] Took the stage at 5.30 A.M. and reached Colfax at noon. Packed my things and wrote up a few notes while waiting for train. At 3.30 P.M. left Colfax. followed up N. Fork American River, wound around a thousand caƱons & gulches, a steady up grade to Summit.

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