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It got dark as we reached Blue Cañon. From there to Truckee did not see the country. Stopped at Truckee to  try for Tamias [[chrysadiurus?]].

[[underlined]] Oct. 30 [[/underlined]] On getting out in morning I found the ground frozen hard, a thick white frost, and snow on the ridge above town. There is not a possibility of finding Tamias in such weather, so I took the next train (8 A.M.) for Halleck, Nev.
Took what notes I could on plants from the train.
Pinus ponderosa (var.) is common at Truckee and down to Verdi. Pinus flexilis (apparently) is common above and down to Truckee but not much below - Abies ?, some kind of a spruce or Fir is common above Truckee but only below in cañon. Artemisia tridentata is abundant at Truckee and down to a little above edge of Humboldt Sink.
Poppulus tremuloides begins along creek just below Truckee and goes down to Reno or lower. Juniperus   was only seen on rocks below Boca. Thuja occidentala (probably), a few scattered along with Junipers. Circocarpus ledifolius was abundant along sides of rocky cañon from Boca down a little way. Ephedra [virens) begins at Verdi and continues down to about Salvia. 

Transcription Notes:
Reviewed. Unsure about Tamias [[chrysadiurus?]] -@siobhanleachman