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[[underlined]] Riceboro [[/underlined]]

[[underlined]] April 7 [[/underlined]]

As our traps have not arrived we took our guns and went for birds and reptiles, intending to finish them up as far as possible before the traps come.

Killed a lot of birds & got some lizzards and  snakes. made up skins 
Shot bats in evening.

[[underlined]] April 8 [[/underlined]], Hunted in forenoon, I got 2 Gray Squirrels & a Rabbit & some birds & a turtle & lizzard. Loring got a Squirrel & birds. Thompson found a big rattle snake & got some lizzards & a turtle.

Our traps came & we set out a line of 41. All went together so as to give Loring and Thompson some ponters on setting traps. Found Neotoma houses and some mouse holes. Did not get any bats.

We put 2 turtles & a King Snake & a Eutania & a Glass snake in a barrel. In the evening the King snake caught the glass snake & broke it in two and swallowed about 7 inches of its tail. We watched it catch and coil around and squeeze the snake until it broke in two then swallow the piece. It swallowed the piece in about 5 minutes. Then it caught the glass snake by the stump of its tail and swallowed about

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