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[[underlined]] Riceboro, Ga. [[/underlined]]

7 inches of its body, then gave it up and disgorged and freed the glass snake.

[[underlined]] April 9 [[/underlined]]
Went to our traps and got one Sitomys, one Orizomys, & one Neotoma. Set a lot more traps. Shot an Aligator that measured 49 inches.

A cool day & chilly in evening.

[[underlined]] April 10. [[/underlined]] Caught 2 Neotomas, Loring caught the same & shot a Rabbit.
A cold day. Sunday.

[[underlined]] April 11 [[/underlined]] Caught a Sitomys, a Blarina & a Mus musculus, Loring caught an Opossum with 7 young in her pouch, and a Neotoma & young Rabbit. Thompson got one Orozomys. We made up the specimens & in P.M. took a lot of traps and went to the Le Conte place. Found signs of Arvicolas, [[strikethrough]] Ororz [[/strikethrough]] Orozomys & Rethrodontomys Scattered our traps well over the place. It has been a fine plantation sometime The house has [[strikethrough]] now [[/strikethrough]] tipped and broken & is nearly ready to fall. Some fine shrubs and trees stand in the yard. The ancestor of the Le Conte Pear is a large tree spreading some 50 feet. A pond in the yard contains lots of frogs.

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