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[[underlined]] April 12 [[/underlined]] 

Rained in the night,

Caught 2 Neotomas & 5 Sigmodons & a Reithrodontomys, killed some birds & caught frogs & snakes.
Loring got a Sitomys & 4 Neotomas, Thompson caught a Reithrodartomys & an Orozomys & a Sigmodon & a Moccason snake.

Reset our traps and made up skins.

Shot a Red bellied Hawk from a nest but could not climb the tree.

A cool day. Saw but one bat & did not get it.

[[underlined]] April 13 [[/underlined]] Got nothing new.

Warmer, saw a few bats in evening but did not get one.

[[underlined]] April 14 [[/underlined]], Caught some Sigmodons, Sitomys, Reithrodontomy, & shot a Lepus sylvaticus.

Loring got an Orozomys & some Neotomas. Thompson found a nest with two eggs of a Megascops and saved both eggs & bird.

I got the eggs from nest of a Buteo l. alleni. Shot the bird day before yesterday as it flew from nest. It seems to be intermediate between lineatus and allenia.  The nest was about 75 feet high in a pine, eggs two. I got daubed from head to foot with pitch. Caught a long, slender bluish snake. 

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