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[[underlined]] Riceboro [[/underlined]]

a boy brought us two water maccasons which I bought. While handling one of the Moccasons it struck the end of my finger with one of its front teeth so as to draw blood but no signs of poison resulted.
It has been a warm day and the first time for a week the bats flew in considerable numbers. We got 3, a Vesperugo & an Atalopha.

[[underlined]] April 15. [[/underlined]] Took up most of my traps but set some more for Moles. Wrote on my report all the afternoon.

Thompson & Loring brought in their traps They each caught 2 little Blarinas which we had not found before.

Loring & I each killed a Lepus sylvaticus in evening. Another cold day and we saw just one bat.

[[underlined]] April 16 [[/underlined]] Took up the last of my traps Caught nothing. Made up a Rabbit and packed specimens and packed our things and left for McIntosh at 1:30 P.M.

Arrived at the station at 3:30, a few minutes before the train and came as far as Waycross where we have to lay over for the next train. Saw lots of Geomys hills near Jessup. Country much the same but higher. Well at Waycross about 20 feet deep. 

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