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[[underlined]] June 19 [[/underlined]] Got an Indian to take me down to the Indian Agency 18 miles from Wadsworth on the east side of the river 3 miles above where it enters Pyramid Lake, and 6 miles from Winnemucca Lake. Winnemucca Lake is known to all the people here as Mud Lake. Followed down the valley on west side of river & crossed near the agency. Saw lots of Pelicans, hundreds of S. mollis, 3 or 4 S. leucurus & lots of lizzards & horntoads. Saw Crotaphytis & Calisaurus, Cnemidophorus, & a little Scalopous. Got specimens of all near the agency & killed some S. mollis & S. leucurus. Caught one Thomomys.

There is snow on some of the Mts. around. The valley is not very large & all around are Mts., desert ranges. Plants are all desert species, such as Atriplex confertifolia, Sarcobatus vermicularis, Atriplex canescens, & torreyi(?), Suaeda Lyssium (andersoni?), Tetaydimia canescens, spinescens, Artemisia tridentata, & spinescens. Cottonwoods & willows grow on the flats.

Transcription Notes:
Reviewed. Edited markup in line with instructions. Checked and edited species names. Tetaydimia canescens = Tetradymia canescens -@siobhanleachman

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