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[[underlined]] Pyramid Lake, Nev.
June 20 [[/underlined]]  Caught nothing in the traps set over night. Could find [[strikethrough]] not [[/strikethrough]] no tracks or signs of Dipodomys or Perodipus in morning before Spermophilus mollis had come out. Made up yesterdays specimens and in afternoon went down to Pyramid Lake. Mountains rise from edge of lake part of the way. some wide sand flats & great marshes of juncus & salt grass & other sedges & grass. High, rock islands in the lake, look like pyramids & give the lake its name. Near shore the water was muddy. Out aways the waves looked a brilliant green.

There were fully 2000 pelicans sitting along the shores near the mouth of the river. I never saw such a sight of big birds before. Saw dozens of hawks but killed only one. Killed 2 S. leucescens & saw a lot more. A very pleasant day.

Could find no signs of Dipodomys in the sand dunes around lake. Set some traps there but expect to catch only S. mollis which swarms.

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